UTOPIA Art & Design House is the home of contemporary fashion and jewellery design. The harmony between them is enhanced by representatives of fine and photographic art, forming a space where aesthetics, creativity, and originality are honored.

We are constantly enriching our list of authors, in order to present to our visitors the most exciting selection from Bulgarian art and design scene.

Our desire to promote sustainable and ethical fashion is based not only on the idea to stimulate the public perception of a higher level of dressing-up culture, but also on the protection of natural resources, and the creation of a more ecological environment for us, and future generations.

We believe in the authenticity of the personal style and the appropriately emphasized individuality, that is why we stand against the copying of looks and the mass-production of fast fashion.

The author's jewelry is an indispensable, key element to complete the overall look. The skillful combination of highest quality precious metals, semi-precious stones, natural pearls, and amazing design, is the result of many years of professional experience of the designers, whom we are privileged to work with.

Paintings, sculptures, conceptual ceramics, and photographs complement UTOPIA’s treasury. .

We appreciate the aesthetics of contemporary art and design objects, and this is the reason we pay extra attention while selecting the authors we present. Each work is a reflection of the artist himself, as well as his vision of the world. The artworks not only make an impact - but they also tell stories, open a dispute, contradict, and directly communicate the ideas of modern times.

Our concept is to offer authentic and high-quality design, thus supporting the development of Bulgarian independent authors and enriching the cultural values of society.